K O R U,tribal,trance,house,drum and bass

Live Electronic Music and Visuals


Trip Funk, Tribal Breakbeat, Tribal house, Jungle

Psychedelic Drum n Bass, Trance, Global / Urban, Ambient Auras.





Koru is the Maori word for waves and spirals of energy, unfolding and evolving ever upwards. Koru is a London based NZ Maori Dance music producer making tribal electronic music using cutting edge technology and techniques.Tribal,global,urban,house,breakbeat,tripfunk,psy drum n bass,funky trance and ambient are all styles koru has released and performed.Trip funk and psychedelic drum n bass are stlye koru has pioneered.Koru has played many top clubs and festivals in London and worldwide including Fabric, the Ministry of sound, the Monastery of sound, Brixton academy, the dogstar bar, the mass club, ambassador gavioli,Glastonbury,Notting hill carnival,Hadrin beach Thailand,Goa India,Mumbai India,Exodus Australia,smile NZ,the monastery of sound france.Koru has had music released with Millennium, Sony(3mv), Just Create, Law n Auder, Kiss FM Fosters icebreakers.Koru music is eclectic and global, yet is consolidated by an overall funky bass featured groove and a psychedelic texture.