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KORU is the Maori word for waves and spirals of energy.....unfolding and evolving.

Electronic, Global, Tribal, Trippy, Funky, Mystical.

Recorded as part of UK / Global Dance music History.

KORU music is produced and composed by Koru, a Maori computer alchemist based in Brixton, London, UK. Koru has played in many events across the globe.

Music (and visuals performed), arranged and jammed live on the moment. Linked together for the journey.

Stop Press :: Koru has a great spot, a Dj set (expect a couple of Koru remixes) at the Waveform festival, Sunday evening main stage, between System Seven and the Hi - light Tribe 19.45pm......Nice click for website

Koru is back from Spain from the festival with United Tribes(Spain) in Cadiz click for website a fantastic time was had by all who attended. Unity.

Some of the Places KoRu has Played

  • EcoSystem - Amazon Jungle - Brazil
  • The Ministry of Sound - London
  • Glastonbury - Glade stage - UK
  • Fabric - London
  • Paradise Waterfalls and Hadrin - Thailand
  • Earthdance - UK
  • The Monastry of Sound - France
  • Exodus - Australian Outback
  • HQ Club - Mumbai - India
  • Languna Anguna - Goa - India
  • Al Andalus - United Tribes - Spain
  • Waveform - Uk Dance Festival
  • Megadog Eclipse Festival - Cornwall
  • Brixton Academy
  • Pendragon - Many London Locations
  • United Tribes - The Dogstar - London
  • The Warp experience - London
  • Indigo bar and Smile - Aoetearoa (NZ)
  • Oxford University
  • Ambasador Gavioli - Slovenia


MoRe koRu ThINGSz...





Festival Trance and Psychedelic techno


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