Glastonbury 2003

The legendary Glastonbury!! The biggest festival in Europe. I was excited to play at a place I had vowed to play, when I went there as a raver. We had felt the Koru vibe, in the air it seemed to sound faintly, the electronic natural sounds mixed with the wind and chaos.

The Glade stage! First appearances - pretty trippy (this sort of cyberdome in the middle of this little forest), as I got to know was an extremely magical, havin' it area of the festival which reached thousands of people at a time and was always an area where lived the spirit of electronic music. Hybrid's DJ set while lying in my tent, the grass, the wind, the sounds of happiness! Aphex Twin bangin it out, Squarepusher, a man called Adam, guys from Ozric tentacles and Eat Static, Raja Ram, and Koru.

The set was good, early Saturday afternoon, fresh (actually many still going from the night before!) sunny, very vibey. The tunes sounded crisp, produced the days before, on site, on the technomadic soundsystem.Global, tribal, throbbin! it was a nice positave yet abstract sound, MC lyricool lipz was ruff, on the vibe. We finished with some drum n bass ,a big change, but the Koru psychedelic trippiness linked the vibe.Friends I hadnt seen since the last raves, including Shela from Brazil. Nice gig 4 sure.

Big up to Bif,Jav,Nick and the crew,Michael Evis and the magical spirits of Glastonbury.