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A digital alchemist, with Tribal potion. A funky, technological magician and solid provider of top musical vibes and visual trips.

The musical styles are broad. Koru has produced, released and played live for many events. Funky tribal rhythms, solid bass, global grooves, trippy sounds, chants and technology. Tribal and futuristic.

Koru has played

Tribal House , Prog Breaks, Tribal Techno, Psy Jungle in London Clubs

Jungle / Psy Drum n Bass in the Amazon Jungle

Psy Trance on Thai Beaches

Ambient in Goa

Tribal techno trance live in Europe

Global Grooves at top Festivals

While many producers make different styles under different names, Koru has a unifying sound which combines elements of all these sounds into koru flavour. Koru has spent years playing at London clubs and Global festivals, refining the art of delivering live dance music.

Koru has the ability to tap into the collective unconscious. With gig preparation including alchemical creation of new tunes and visuals tailor made for the event, Koru will provide exactly what is required for the moment.

KORU LIVE The technomadic setup > laptop, midi controller (and solar panels) small and portable, the capability is big (thousands of people in the Amazon and Thailand raves) If required another laptop can provide connected visuals.

Koru is visually interesting, with fluorescent Moko; (tribal Maori facial patterns), tribally funky visuals following every beat. Digital technology uniting feelings and sensations. ( For special occasions ) Cyber-midi bass controlling supersonic bass thunder, samples and visual explosions.

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Global,urban, progressive, tribal, funky, trippy, live . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Get a touch of Koru magic.