Gig Preps

What a lovely setting and a nice rinse of the set which was made on the technomadic soundsystem in the bungalow. Fortunately the moonsoon kicked in for about a week before NYE. It was good cover, as I looked a bit suspicious holed up all day inside, while the rest of the island was out in the sun and getting relaxed. I know people thought I was a bit weird. I had realised that a psy trance set was needed for the gig and to play a live original set was my best option - although not the easy route, it is more where I am coming from. So the set was written, with loads of Indian and world influences on top of a funky beat. Even put some fat b-lines in there and a fair few break-beats. Of course loads of filters and TB 303 squelch to get the psychedelics stimulated. Had a soundcheck the day before, which was great as I was able to hear it off the headphones and do a quick post-production of the output mix.

The Gig

Total nutters thrashing round in the rain!. The set was infectious, tribal and au naturel. It worked well. " turkish DJs and I jammed and layered stuff together for hours. A magical night. The brave nature ravers stayed and felt the music til its completion.New years had begun.

On the 31st I played the same set in the Vinyl bar in Hadrin, This turned into a 28 hour set!, as I finished the live and dug deep first keeping it rockin with psy trance for hours, then as the day progressed moved into progressive tribal house and breaks, finally finishing up at around 3 am on the 2nd (!!) with ambient drum n bass.