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Trip Funk

Trip Funk is the mixture of the best of everything you love! Hip moving bass, head trippin' electronicness, funky break beats, precise tech programing. Global / Urban, this album conceived at performances at the United Tribes Party in the heart of multicultural London.Composed and played by Koru in UK and worldwide. A new sound for a new era. NB release posponed until summer 07

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United Tribes

This album is a powerful example of Unity. Many people from many races joined together in the melting pot of London to express and enjoy the vibe and passion of music. The appeal is wide and the message positive

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The debut Koru album pioneering psychedelic drum and bass. 4 tunes off this album were included in top compilations. Part of Drum n Bass history.

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Ambient Waves of Tribal Beauty. Perfect to chill out to. Great to play after a long night's raving. Made with / for love. Ocean, jungle, streetscapes mixed with chants, ambiance and lyrics. Take your mind on a trip.




Natural Power / Haka

NaturalPower/Haka vinyl
Vinyl remixes of Natural Power and Haka. A song to raise support for nature backed by the Maori chant for power, adrenaline and hope. Played in Ibiza and also Brazil (live). Rated well by Pete Tong's new releases on Radio 1, at the time of release.



Live CDs

Koru Live at Fabric

Koru Live at Fabric CDr
Ambient into psychedelic then rolling Drum n Bass and finishing with Haka Breakbeat.

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Koru Live Ecosystem, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Koru Live at EcoSystemCDr
Psychedelic Drum n Bass, Jungle beats, tunes from Spirit and more.

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Koru Live at Pendragon, London, UK

Koru Live at PendragonCDr
Psychedelic breakbeats, global grooves and some psy DnBass.

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