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Tribal Tripping

A global psychedelic music and visual journey. Original tunes and footage from Koru's gigs in London and around the world. Koru has collected sounds and sights from a tour including Brazil, Thailand, India, the Australian Outback and the beautiful cities of New Zealand. Footage and influences from London also are in the mix as this is the location of arrangement and production as well as loads of funky/global gigs. The visuals are linked to the music in a journey which will show you / remind you of the one world we live in united in dance and fun. Koru has got to the heart of the matter - there is no Hollywood glitz here , this is the real world and watching the VcD you have the feeling that you felt / would feel out of the Western comfort zone. Raw, exciting, intense, a tripped out journey through our planet.


Lo fi demos, from Tribal tripping / global mixes.



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