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Demo Soundbytes 64 kbps

Stargazer Atmospheric. Inspired by the ancient Maori mariners.

Stargazer2 Atmospheric.

Warriors Drum n Space electronica.

Juice Jump up.

See what u want to see Jungle dub rock.

Nozone Jump up.

Nozone 2 Jump up.

Jungle Haze Jungle rock. Dedicated to the spirits of Jimi hendrix and the Jungle.

Jungle Haze 2 Jungle rock.

Let Freedom Shine Vocal Drum n Bass. Featuring Holly on vocals.

Maui's Spirit Drum n space journey .

Maui's Spirit Drum n space journey.

Hip Hobbit Tribal Electro Breaks.

Like A Breeze Vocal D n B. Jazzy.

Ocean Atmospheric drum n bass . Live 6 string bass solo.

Ocean 2 Atmospheric drum n bass . Live 6 string bass solo.


Streaming If you would prefer to listen as background music

Streaming :: Spirit.

Spirit. Dial up 56k Modem Broadband

NB These demos are at reduced quality for demo purposes. If you like, why not visit and buy a CD at full sound quality! - mastered at Wolf Studios, London, UK

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