tribal electronic korukoru metal dred

Trip Funk is the mixture of the good bits from many styles.Hip moving bass, head trippin' electronicness, funky break beats, precise tech programing,organic loops and filter trips. Global and urban mixed. Much of this music has been conceived at the United Tribes Sessions, Brixton, London as well as influenced by gigs on United Tribes Tours. This is a global flavour, mixed with an urban edge.

Welcome one and allAmbient, earthy, funky welcome to each and everyone.

Chaos / mean Brazilian rhythms and rap with Koru vibes and beats. Tribal and global, futuristic and raw

All the hearts Arabic vocal singing of the universality of love, over a tabla rhythm. Followed by a sanskrit prayer.

G house byte1 Global house, djembe,chants mixed with garage beats. Sunny. Uplifting.

G house byte2 A 2nd clip.

Fun and mental Deep,progressive,breakbeat and global beats. Trancey and urban. Hybrid of sounds and styles.

Let it go Pumping tech house with tribal funkiness.

T house Breakbeat house in a Progressive style. Urban, funky and trippy.

Haka Trip funk mix of the legendary Maori adrenaline chant.

I'm frightening Rolling, phat n funky grinding squelching.

Cosmik wave Cyber Tribal deep n moody space funk.

Inner Outer Future funk, cyber breaks, space tribe urban darkness.

Rudeboy Funky, rude, trippy, bangin, cosmik,epic,uplifting, tribal,trip funk.