tribal electronic korukoru metal dred



Demo Soundbytes 64 kbps

Peyote Dream Ambient, mystical intro. Shamanic mountain trip.

Mean Urban Trip Funk.

Haka Maori adreniline chant. Tribal breakbeat mix.

Throbber Throbbing tribal tech house.

Peace Ambient tribal trance. Maori chant for peace.

(Theres an) Angel Tribal urban trance.

Jungle Haze Psychedelic Drum n Bass.

Tribal Symphony Tribal tech Trance.

T & B Ambient Drum and Bass.

Let Freedom Shine Vocal D n B.

Stray Bullet Poetry and Drum n Bass.

I C Bute Ambient Dubby Garage.

Like a River RnB DnB

Blue Tribal Ambient

Natural Power A song for mother earth and father sky

Many tribes, Many vibes, One love.

Streaming If you would prefer to listen as background music

Streaming :: United Tribes

2nd Half of Album Dial up 56k Modem Broadband

1st Half of Album Dial up 56k Modem Broadband

NB These demos are at reduced quality for demo purposes. If you like, why not visit and buy a CD at full sound quality! - mastered at Wolf Studios, London, UK

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