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Full trax for Sonia

1. Tribal Symphony Tribal Psychedelic techno

This track has the spirits of nature (and all sorts) in it. It is a condensed version of a powerful set which I played in some big clubs (3000 ++) as well as many squat parties in London. It was made using grooveboxes rather than computers, the performance was organic,....bits that pass as 1 minute in the cd, could have slowly developed for 10 minutes, etc. This work is a bit like riding a wave, with a climatic wipeout, into nature at the end!

Btw. This is more 'techno than I would play in Spain

2. Peace ... coming

3. Psy Trance DJ mix

Raw Dj mix, live with no edits. Dj mix of psy trance, with some Koru tunes mixed in and out. This is a demo to give you an idea, the new stuff is coming. Tunes from Uk, Aussie,Goa,Israel and Koru. The vocal at the begining is a bit moorish or flamenco sounding. The Aussie trance with digeredoo is nice, then some Uk sounds, then a raw goa bit. I put some Koru bits in to vibe up the crowd. Its a bit baggy in places(rude style) but its vibin'

4 Sea Journey .. soon











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